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Prof. George Hazboun

Located in an ancient land that forms a bridge between three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa and characterized by sheer willingness to be valiant and strike in new directions, AUM has been established with the intention to reach excellence in education and fabricate a new motivated generation. It gives me great joy to welcome you at the American University of Madaba (AUM).

At AUM we are committed to providing our students with quality education and we totally understand that technical knowledge is only the starting point of creation and discovery.  Our mission stems from, Sapientia et Scientia, meaning ‘wisdom and science’. Determined to implement this motto by all possible means, AUM is dedicated to enhancing personal and professional experiences in an environment characterized by responsible academic autonomy.

I am positive that AUM graduates will be the pioneers in the society, as it is my belief that only emancipated people are able to be valiant and shape their nations and societies. It is our moral obligation to provide our students with everything that helps them sharpen their abilities and talents in an environment open to all possible creations and discoveries.

We seek “to develop capabilities and talents”, thus, we have conceived an ambitious plan to focus on developing students' knowledge, skills, awareness, understanding and comprehension in their specialization through mandatory and elective coursework in AUM’s divergent study plans and curricula.

Furthermore, AUM offers a number of general university mandatory courses that are directed towards developing student’s personality and physical well-being. We believe that physical fitness is an important mental aptitude which assists culture awareness. Students will therefore have the opportunity to get involved in various activities, such as swimming, numerous indoor and outdoor sports, physical fitness, and a global culture-oriented seminar. These courses will definitely help in intensifying and refining students' personalities and provide them with outstanding personal merits that will produce highly competitive and flourishing graduates in the industry.

AUM is a singular university which is recently establishing three research, consultation and training centers:

  • An Energy and Environment Center.
  • A Comparative Law Center.
  • A Training and Consultation center.

These centers along with the Deanship of Scientific Research will encourage and promote research and consultation activities in issues of vital interest to the local and global community.

Finally, AUM adopts equal opportunity policies concerning students, faculty, and staff.  Equal opportunity shall be given to all students, faculty, and staff without regard to their national origin, race, color, religion, gender, disability, or political affiliation or belief.  All serious attempts shall be made by the university administration to promote equal opportunity and ensure that all regulations, activities and practices comply with the nondiscrimination requirements and policies adopted by the university.

I welcome you again to AUM, and assure you that we are committed to excellence and making a difference.


Prof. George Hazboun


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