Dean’s Welcome

I want to welcome you to the faculty of Business and Finance (FBF) at the American University of Madaba (AUM).  The administration and faculty members are working for constant improvement of the teaching, research, and service activities of the FBF (college).  The faculty and the dean in dealing with students are making a conscious effort to improve student performance.  Faculty members and the dean are participating in orientations and making sure to fulfill the leadership respon­sibilities by the university over academic departments and programs.   The faculty members and the dean are working enthusiastically to produce global managers, adapt to the digitalization of education, and transform curricula to strike a balance between greater specialization and broader leadership skills.  FBF are having ample resources, including money, faculty, and physical assets, in place to fulfill the above goals.  I am looking forward to meeting every one of our students, parents, and alumni.


Prof. Muhannad Alrosan

Dean of Faculty of Business and Finance