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مشروع التعليم الجامعي والتدريب المهني  للاجئين السوريين
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مشروع التعليم الجامعي والتدريب المهني للاجئين السوريين

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Earn Your Undergraduate Degree at AUM

At American University of Madaba, we1 prepare our students to see beyond what's obvious into the world of what's possible.

AUM offers degrees in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biology and BiotechnologyMedical Laboratories, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Computer Science, Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Risk Management, ArchitectureGraphic Design, Interior Design, English Language & Literature, Translation and more.

You'll learn and thrive in a high-caliber, challenging learning environment that is respected by employers, community leaders and other universities.

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A- Projects/ Architecture and Interior Design

- Gate of Madaba

- Faculty of Engineering

- AUM Signage System

- AUM landscape Campus

- IT building (extension 2 floors)

- AUM Stadium

- Roof Garden, Science Building

- AUM main Sign, Main road


B- Projects and Activities/ Graphic Design

- AUM Year Book

- The Commencement Ceremonies Requirements

- Stage Backdrop

- Roll Up Stand

- Pop Up Banner Stand

- Decorating the entrance

- Flags

- Sponsors banners

- Banners guide way

- Seating Plan of the Cultural Palace Theater

- Invitation cards

- The Commencement program pamphlet

- New AUM Academic Regalia

- AUM brochure

- AUM folder

- Newspaper Ads (more than 5)

- Magazine ads(more than 5)

- All the AUM event banners on emails

- New AUM website design

- AUM booklet

- 3 posters (Deanship of Student Affairs)

- AUM booth design (pop up + roll up)

- Outdoor stage design + backdrop

- AUM new

- AUM New Brand Design

- New Logo

- Color scheme

- Stationary

- Regalia and uniform

- Signage

- Badges

- Packing and bags

- Vehicles

- Interior design

- Workshop (Climate change and sustainability policy), (Prof. FarisKhoury)

- Posters

- Roll up design

- Booklet covers (3 covers)

- Folder

- Brochure

- Workshop (Jordanian Nutritional Consultant Organization), (Prof. Basem Dababneh)

- Chart design (3 charts)

- Website design

- Community service(Al-Nadeem Hospital – Madaba)

- Autocad plans (Emergency Entrance, Reception Hall)

- 3d Max (façade, Reception Hall)

- Motion banner

- AUM Organizational Chart

- Karak Martyrs poster

- AUM theater screen design (all events)

- Booklet Design of Project Proposal (Faculty of Engineering)

- Booklet Design of the University Stadium


Madaba Overview

Madaba Overview

Explore the Biblical Moabite City of Madaba
Land of History, Handcrafts and Capital City of Mosaic.

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