Strategy Outline


The strategic plan discusses areas for improvement and attempts to chart key strategic directions in areas that can produce the best long-term results for AUM. The purpose of the plan, once approved by the owner, the Board of Trustees, the AUM community and stakeholders is to function as guidelines, recommendations, and directions for those entrusted with its implementation. Having a strategic plan for AUM is an integral part of the accreditation process.

Strategy Development Method

A committee was formed by appointment of The Office of the President to develop the initial draft of the Strategy Outline (not the full Strategic Plan which also includes the details of implementation). This committee, which is called “Strategy Committee,” consists of a member of the Board of Trustees (Munif Hijazi), a faculty member (Nasri Rabadi) and an outside consultant (Brent Strong). The Strategy is a set of goals that, if achieved, will allow the University to realize its vision and mission. This Strategy should be the basis that a fully comprehensive Strategic Plan would be designed around.

The information stated in the Strategy Outline shall be based on interviews with several key persons of AUM community who also will review the draft of the plan. The revised draft of the Strategy Outline will be presented to the owner and the Office of the President for review, discussion, and revision. The revised version, after approval, will be presented to the Deans’ Council for approval/revision and then to the University Council for approval/revision. The Strategy Outline will ultimately be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval/revision. The approved Strategy Outline shall then be posted on the AUM website. A separate working group will then be given the task of creating a full Strategic Plan, including details of implementation. This Plan will then be reviewed by the owner, Office of the President, Deans Council, University Council, and Board of Trustees.

Strategy Outline

The members of the Strategy Committee have spent many hours in closed meetings discussing the strategic goals that should be achieved within the next five years to develop AUM in accordance with its Vision and Mission. The Committee defined four general topics which encompass the strategic goals. The Committee realizes that after interviewing the University management and other key persons of the AUM community, more goals and perhaps more general topics will be identified and added. These four general topics are:

  1. Character
  2. Structure
  3. Finances
  4. Direction

Character describes the overall nature of AUM and is general in its outlook. Structure discusses the organization and infrastructure of AUM. Finances looks at the nature of AUM resources. Direction enumerates specific changes that AUM will make as part of the growth, expansion, and maturing process.


General topic one: Character

  • As a priority, achieve accreditation by (NEASC), an American accrediting agency.
  • Develop leadership through Catholic values, Jordanian culture and American-style problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity combined with an understanding and respect for diversity.
  • The University shall strengthen its international perspective and place greater emphasis on globalization, which necessarily covers staff, students, curriculum, research and support services.
  • Develop a distinctive spirit within the AUM community through shared activities and events in the arts, athletics, and academics as both participants and spectators.
  • With the help of public and private strategic partners, AUM will contribute to the solution of local, national and regional problems.

General topic two: Structure

  • Ensure that AUM’s management and governance continue to be transparent and effective in its use of resources to meet the needs of its students, staff and stakeholders.
  • Improve the performance of all University personnel thus helping to create the dynamic environment needed to fulfill the Mission of the University.
  • Revise and reprioritize the existing Master Plan in view of the available resources, the new projection of student population and the introduction of new programs.

General topic three: Finances

  • The university will support the owner to expand and diversify fund-raising and grant solicitation sources; local and international.
  • Establish operational and capital reserves to provide contingency funds and smooth cash flow.


General topic four: Direction

  • Strengthen student leadership capabilities and give better pathways for learning and employment by increasing the breadth and depth of options (courses and programs) AUM offers its students.
  • Focus research and learning in areas that have direct benefit to Jordan and the Middle East Region and are areas of expertise for AUM faculty emphasizing the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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