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The rapid progress in modern technology and other areas in tandem with art and design calls for urgent need to modernize and develop a lot of existing academic programs in the region, and has led to the emergence of a new areas and disciplines in relation to design. This in return has become the main attraction for students to decide on which university to attend. Thus AUM seeks to supply the local and Arab market and the graduates who respond to new progressive fields.

Furthermore, the development of specialization in design is an urgent need to contribute to the development of the performance of new economic sectors in order to bridge the gap between labor market shortage on one hand and the weakness in the performance of graduates in the fields of art and design on the other.

Therefore the Faculty of Architecture and Design will provide the umbrella for sophisticated outputs of education topped with modern specialties aiming to supply the local labor market with graduates to fill the void winning career in these disciplines.

Ultimately the Faculty of Architecture and Design will aim to be a leader in architecture and design education and research in Jordan. Through its department of graphic design and architecture and interior design and design and visual communication in the near future, the Faculty offers unique and extensive undergraduate design qualification.


Prof. Ahmad Youssef Mohammad Al Zoabi

Dean of Faculty of Architecture and Design

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