Faculty of
Information Technology



Prof. Raed Abu-Zitar

The faculty of Information Technology is one of the main faculties that were established from the beginning of the university establishment. Its main objective is to provide community with high qualified graduates that can support economy and local markets high caliber IT specialists in all fields of technology.

Classes began on 17 October 2011 with twelve computer science majors and two teaching faculty members.  The faculty now consists of 5 members; 4 Ph.D's and one master. We have around 65 students at the department of computer science. We have more than 5 labs equipped with the latest technologies. Our computer science department is offering services for all the University faculties in terms of teaching different course and providing consultancy and support for the Information Technology center at the University.

You are welcome to visit our faculty site. We are very ambitious and rapidly growing faculty, currently we had the approval to open up a software engineering department. We are heading toward obtaining the American Accreditation after we obtained the local accreditation in 2013.


Prof. Raed Abu-Zitar

Dean of Faculty of Information Technology

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