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Faculty of Languages and Communication (FOLAC) attempts to cater to the multifaceted needs of students at all levels. It seeks to bridge the gap between the academic world and the demands of the workplace by endowing the students with the necessary linguistic, critical, communicative, and intellectual skills.

English occupies a special place amongst today's active languages, as it is the most common language of communication amongst the world's peoples as well as one which plays an important role in the global dissemination of science and technology.

Therefore, the program is committed to providing a number of intensive English language courses to sustain the needs of our students and to extend their competence, performance and confidence in using English to meet the demands of their education and equip them with the language proficiency and skills needed to fulfill their academic potential and achieve educational excellence.

We aim to endow the students with the linguistic, critical and intellectual skills, which stem from the culture and literature. The study plan seeks to fulfill three major goals. Firstly, it aims to develop and improve the student's basic linguistic skills, particularly in the fields of writing, speaking and debating. Secondly, it strives to hone and deepen the student's literary taste and aesthetic appreciation through exposure to hundreds of texts that represent the full spectrum of literary genres and literariness. Thirdly, it aspires to hone the student's critical and intellectual abilities through focusing on the most current critical approaches related to poststructuralism, cultural studies and postcolonial literature.

To integrate active education and experiential learning into the learning pedagogy, the faculty has worked on building compatibility and continuity among the three domains of the learning process-the cognitive, psychomotor and the affective.

Student support and guidance are of utmost importance to AUM. Our aim is to create a sustainable and humane environment in which students’ intellectual, emotional and psychological needs are as crucial as their academic needs.

We will spare no effort to bring to light a model faculty and a home for students, one that provides quality and memorable campus experience.

Dr. Wafa Awni Ahmad AlKhadra

Acting Dean of Faculty of Languages & Communication

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