Test Procedures

American University of Madaba


Scholarships Competency Test Procedures:

  1. Student must be admitted and registered at the University. A receipt from the financial department is needed. The student should have an Identification Number (ID number).
  2. Student fills a form to apply for the test. The form is available at the admission and registration department.
  3. Student pays test fees at the financial department.
  4. The student submits the test application form with copy of the test fees receipt to the admission and registration department.
  5. The tests places, dates, and times will be announced at the admission and registration office and on social media and website.
  6. The student goes to the test location according to the announcement. He must show a valid ID and two receipts (one for the registration fees/tuition and the other one for the test fees).
  7. The tests are online in the University labs and the student is given a password to login to the test.
  8. There are two tests one for scientific faculties (Engineering, IT, Science, and Health sciences, and Architecture) and one for humanities (Languages and communication, Business and Finance, Interior design, and Graphic design).
  9. The exam period is only one hour.
  10. The results will be announced later and before the beginning of the academic semester.
  11. Test fees are non-refundable nor transferable.
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