Vision, Mission and Values


AUM will be an internationally renowned university for its holistic education and its dedication to using wisdom and science to build a better world.


  • AUM ensures academic excellence through highly competent faculty, staff, and students supported by state-of-the-art sustainable facilities, strategic research and job-relevant study programs.
  • AUM devotes its energies to the development of Jordan and the region.
  • AUM builds on its international partnerships to enrich student experiences, to expand faculty capabilities and to broaden resources.
  • AUM prepares leaders educated in the values of ethical conduct, human understanding, astuteness, integrity and peace who are dedicated to benefitting society and resolving local and global problems.


AUM commits itself to these fundamental Values:

  1. Unique Community – To draw from different religious, Jordanian and American values, cultures, and education systems to promote ethical responsibility, social cohesion, mutual respect, hospitality, democracy and peace.
  2. Holistic Education – To advance intellectual development and career opportunities, cultivate an appreciation for beauty and goodness, and provide for the physical, moral, emotional, social and cultural development of students.
  3. Truth and Knowledge – To honor the pursuit of truth in all its manifestations by any ethical method, especially through the integration of knowledge across disciplines, and the imaginative and creative exploration of new ideas with the understanding that faith and reason are compatible.
  4. Collaboration – To collaborate with international institutions to extend educational opportunity, enhance knowledge exchange, and enrich intellectual discourse, quality of education, and research.
  5. Civic Engagement – To devote adequate resources and energies that create a supportive and productive community serving the citizens of Jordan and, where appropriate, extending to the region and the world.
  6. Sustainability – To intelligently apply the best scientific and ethical principles for the care and sustainability of God's creations.
  7. Diversity – To ensure a diverse community by welcoming faculty, staff, and students from different backgrounds, races, genders, and religions, thereby promoting world understanding and tolerance.
  8. Good Governance – To maintain a responsible, transparent, well-managed and progressive governing system that complies with and benefits from all legal and regulatory requirements including Jordanian and American accreditation standards.
  9. Equity and Merit – To practice ethical judgment on the basis of equity, merit and moral principles to create just and healthy relationships at AUM and wherever its influence may reach.
  10. Quality Campus – To maintain an inspiring, encouraging and rewarding campus as the basis for steady and enlightened progress.