Vision & Mission


Enhance the quality of the environment and the wellbeing of its citizens through creative art and science exploitation of natural resources in tandem with design. And provide solutions for local environmental problems in innovative design.  By becoming the model center of architecture and design in the region giving the thrust to research based on the felt needs of the community and building partnerships with relevant community groups.


The Faculty mission is to make a palpable and extol able difference in teaching and learning to reflect back on communities, placing excellent education, multifaceted student growth and faculty distinction at the top of its priorities.

Provide students with an outstanding applied architecture and design education based on newest styles, trends to meet the highest of the practice requirements and the industry development linked to comprehensive state of art techniques in tandem with design heritage.


Supply current and future market with distinct and creative architects and designers able to compete at regional and global level.  Those graduates are empowered to follow the requirements and variables of the profession to upgrade the performance of the profession and who distinguish themselves as leaders in their fields as follows:

  1. Master the skill of modem technology in theory and practice.
  2. Respect the professionalism in an ethical, systematic and comprehensive fashion.
  3. Contribute and linked the local market needs designers are expected to provide the service of scientific and professional creative socioeconomic needs.
  4. Attain the skills of modem design and professional practices for both private and public sectors.
  5. Encourages scientific research and communication with the industry and community services.
  6. Cultivate creativity and promotes scholarship to prepare its students for professional careers in the architecture and design.
  7. Emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, risk-taking and strong communication skills.

Degree Programs

The bachelor Degree program requires the followings:

  1. Design and Visual Communication (Bachelor of Arts in Design and Visual Communication) -140 CH.
  2. Design and Applied Arts (Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts) – 140 CH
  3. Interior Design (Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design) - 144 CH. (Ceased)
  4. Architecture (Bachelor of Science in Architecture) - 176 CH.