Faculty Members

Faculty of Health Sciences

Dean: Professor Wadie T. Abed


Department of Pharmacy

Dr. Islam Hamad - Head of Department

Prof. Wadie Abed

Dr. Omar Gammouh

Dr. Waleed Zalloum

Dr. Nabil Darwazeh

Dr. Amal Mayyas

Dr. Rand Akasheh

Ms. Julia Hajaj


Department of Medical Laboratories

Dr. Moh’d Mohanad Al Dabet - Head of Department

Dr. Sa'ib AlKhouri

Dr. Zaid Aburubaiha

Dr. Sofia Adwan

Mr. Hassan Halaybeh


Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr. Fadwa Hammouh – Head of Department

Prof. Basem Dababneh

Dr. Ghada AlBandak

Dr. Rula  Amr