Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Science prepares students in their professional disciplines with an emphasis on scientific research and applications. This mission is fulfilled by a broad based, scientifically strong education, which enables the students to enter all areas of their profession upon graduation and to adapt to changes that may occur during professional life. By the end of the program, the graduate will be conversant with the wide range of topics relating to the natural sciences, be able to communicate effectively and be able to appreciate the professional and social role of the scientist. The faculty tries to foster a learning environment enhanced by faculty who encourage leadership, independence, self-respect, promotion of justice, and compassion in students. This is dependent on a sound scientific knowledge base, well developed expertise, critical thinking capabilities, moral reasoning, and communication skills.

Introduction to the Biology and Biotechnology Program:

The Department of Biology and Biotechnology at AUM offers new and exciting opportunities for students to discover a variety of professions in the fields of scientific research, education, health care, industry, sustainable land use, and environmental management. The department presents all fields of biology and biotechnology as dynamic products of ongoing research efforts and demonstrates the relevance of basic biological knowledge to practical real-world problems.  The undergraduate program has been developed to be most relevant to actual needs by including novel courses which familiarize students with the current and potential applications and introduce opportunities that are arising worldwide with the advent of the biological revolution.