Vision & Mission


To achieve leadership in scientific research and superiority in graduate studies through the optimal utilization of the intellectual, physical and intangible resources and based on strategic partnerships with the local communities, private and public sector institutions and research centers inside and outside Jordan.


  • To become a sustainable center for the generation, promotion and sharing of innovation and research.
  • To develop sound research platforms that are expected to encourage publication and research productivity at the University.
  • To develop the research skills for both; students and academic faculty members through specialized workshops and training sessions.
  • To keep up to date with the latest developments in the fields of business, industry and technology in order to introduce new academic majors and graduate studies that match and serve these developments.
  • To implement proper mechanisms in order to reinforce the concept of community partnership.
  • To review, develop and implement procedures and policies that serve to improve scientific research and support the introduction of further graduate studies and majors.