Vision & Mission


To achieve leadership in scientific research through the optimal utilization of available limited resources and based on a strategic partnerships with local communities, institutions and research centers inside and outside Jordan.


  • To become a sustainable centre for generation, promotion and sharing of a culture of knowledge.
  • To facilitate proper research process this encourages the academic publication and research productivity at the University.
  • To develop the research skills of the university staff through specialized workshops and conferences.
  • To raise and sustain a high level of scientific research, publication, and services with academic creativity serving the local community and knowledge industry.
  • To implement proper approaches methods and techniques reinforcing the concept of community partnership.
  • To recommend to the President Procedures and policies enhancing the capability of the AUM of achieving distinction in research, scholarship and creative academic activities. 

To prepare periodic reports on the accomplishments of the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university.