Welcome Statement

Dr. Ihab Sawalha

The motto of AUM features SAPIENTIA ET SCIENTIA, which expresses Wisdom and knowledge/ Science in Latin. The American University of Madaba (AUM) realizes that one of its primary goals is to foster the spread of wisdom in the society through knowledge and Science.  

Coupling SAPIENTIA ET SCIENTIA is an effective approach in dealing with the socio-economic, environmental and technological challenges of today. Wisdom is a prerequisite for developing creative societies; “where ethics, values and moral integrity are pursued at the same time as knowledge and scientific skills are acquired". Thus, AUM considers Ethical Scientific Research as the main pillar of its creative academic activities. 

In order to establish AUM’s visionary leadership at the local and international levels, the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies supports and facilitates creative thinking and research at all levels. Not only faculty members are considered but also our students who play a major role in achieving excellence in research and who will also be rewarded for their innovative ideas and research.  

Partnership with local and international research institutions is also a primary goal for the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies. As all universities are ranked based on published research in reputable, refereed and indexed journals and conference proceedings, AUM regulations allocate substantial budgets and incentives to support the different aspects of research and creative activities, responding to the needs of the local, regional and global markets and industries.

The Deanship is energetic in increasing citations of AUM research through fostering publication in internationally renowned, refereed and indexed journals. Our faculty members are always encouraged to participate in international projects, seminars and conferences. Establishing a presence in quality refereed regional and international conferences is also a must. The Deanship implements the regulations of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) through the most appropriate and applicable University procedures. It also attracts external funding of research programs based on interdisciplinary and comprehensive research approaches and methods.


As the Dean of Scientific Research, I strive to achieve and maintain key quality and distinction indicators and standards for AUM research among the local and international universities.


It follows a summary of the main goals of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies:

  • Integrating scientific research with the University mission.
  • Developing research skills for both; students and faculty members.
  • Raising the international ranking of the University through quality scientific research and projects in partnership with internationally renowned institutions.
  • Monitoring work progress in supported research projects to ensure progress and completion according to specific time periods.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of the faculty research through funding the proposals of scientific research projects submitted to the deanship.
  • Encouraging the submission of highly competitive research proposals for external funding.
  • Revising the regulations of scientific research and graduate studies, under the direction of the University President and other specialized committees.
  • Creating partnerships and cooperation between the university and the local communities and national institutions.
  • Creating an internal environment that inspires team spirit, teamwork and knowledge enquiry.
  • Filling the gap between academia and practice in order to develop and introduce further graduate studies and majors that are expected to match the requirements of today’s market and business environments.



Prof. Ihab H. Sawalha

Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies