Study Abroad Program


What is the Study Abroad Program?


The “study abroad” is an organized set of activities aiming at establishing and sustaining academic and social connections between AUM and universities in other parts of the world especially the US, Europe and the Arab region These activities aim at experiential rather than skill-oriented education The world is viewed as a textbook that you read when you live it rather than read on it It is like real-time TV Study abroad in this sense is a kind of “engaged tourism;” an opportunity to be exposed to other sites that are different from you homeland and original university This exposure is supposed to provide students’ minds and bodies with new perspectives, ideas and practical skills Most central is that they ought to present them with new aspirations and different challenges.
“The study abroad program is a program that makes it possible for students to study one or two semesters in one or more universities in the United States of America and other countries.”


Why do you need to experience Study Abroad Program?


The need to study abroad stems from several issues, facts, needs and requirements: The main issue is the limit of locality Today’s world is global Students, faculty and staff are limited by the financial, professional and organizational characteristics of their home institutions Study abroad offers them opportunities to acquire ideas, skills and competencies available in other parts of the world that may have expelled in fields that are not only underdeveloped at them They may be lacking all together.

Factually, the various fields at the home universities of students, faculty and staff required to be developed and upgraded Exchange of experiences could certainly be a major means toward that objective.

Students, faculty and staff need additional training to fill particular gaps their home universities simply cannot respond to or fulfill An example is acquiring foreign languages or novel scientific techniques or emerging administrative approaches.

Study abroad may be a good means for students, faculty and staff to meet with their job requirements continuous education “Studying abroad is a great experience that will positively affect you, it will teach you to be independent, and will reflect positively on both your personal and academic life It is a lively experience to get you engaged in lifelong learning experiences”.


Is it a mandatory Program?


No It is nowhere a mandatory program It is optional expect when there is a requirement but this is an exceptional case and can never be a rule.
“The study abroad program is optional but open for all students from different faculties.”


Where can I go?


Anywhere in the world where there is an institution connected with AUM through an MoU. In case students, faculty and staff are interested in joining institutions not yet connected to AUM by MoU, they may be able to apply for the Office of International Relations to be granted an exceptional opportunity. The international office in this case should obtain approval of all the concerned authorities inside and outside the university.

When I can register for the Study Abroad Program?
Registration for the program can be done through the deanship of student affairs at the end of February of each year.


How can I apply and Where?


Applications are available at the Deanship of student affairs office.


How much it cost me?


Accepted Students who will join this program will pay to AUM with our local fees per credit hour. However, students are responsible to pay to the host University the following accommodation, health insurance, university fees, connect fees, orientation fees and their flight tickets and visa.


Study up to two semesters abroad, international
experience and in International universities with
no additional fees, and earn the exposure that you desire.