This office aims at providing students with professional advice and technical consultation in communication skills and job search. It helps students to establish links with the private sector organizations and civil society institutions at national, regional and international levels. It also helps students obtain permanent jobs after graduation and part-time jobs during university study years. The office keeps updated records of all past AUM graduate students (Alumni) so that they can be reached in future for various purposes.


Objectives of the Office/services provided


  1. Create a rich learning environment for students and equip them with the necessary soft and communication skills and expertise that will boost their chances of employability.
  2. Provide career counselling services for students so that they understand the requirements of the market.
  3. Provide students and graduates with various training courses that meet the current market demands and requirements.
  4. Instill active citizenship principles among students by engaging them in programs and voluntary activities that reflect positively on their local communities.
  5. Strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors, universities, NGOs and international agencies.
  6. Making appointments for students to join individual counselling sessions to help sharpening their skills, capabilities, interests and personalities.
  7. Holding workshops and training programs on personal and technical skills in various areas.
  8. Organizing seminar with the participation of enterprises from different sectors in order to enable students plan for their prospective careers.
  9. Providing internships for students to equip them with the necessary expertise required for the market.
  10. Organizing job fairs to facilitate networking between students, graduates and the public and private sector institutions.