Consultations, Studies, and Training Center (CSTC)

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AUM Consultations, Studies, and Training Center (CSTC) is a significant subdivision of AUM, a not-for-profit University, that is designed to offer consultation services, host training courses in various skills, conduct different studies for the government, private sectors and citizens in Jordan and abroad. Also, the Center holds seminars and conferences in multiple areas within the university’s capacity. Certificates will be granted upon successful completion of each course.

AUM-CSTC adopts the American-style education to prepare learners for the current and future job markets. It grants certifications that are in demand locally and internationally. AUM-CSTC also provides vocational skills to learners of different educational levels in order to enhance their employability in our challenging job market. Besides, AUM-CSTC functions as a hub for subject matter expert consultations and is designed to capitalize on the expertise and the knowledge of faculty members in order to enhance prospective students’ chances to improve their income.



CSTC shall become a prominent center for its holistic training to contribute in building better communities locally and internationally.

Revised Mission:

AUM-CSTC extends AUM mission to deliver distinctive skills and knowledge, through highly competent instructors to significantly increase our participants’ on- -the-job productivity as well enhance unemployed participants’ employability. AUM-CSTC uses American approaches and style in a shared responsibility and ethical compliance manner.


The objectives of CSTC are to:

  1. Provide consultations, studies and services to ministries, institutions, companies and individuals, and supervising their organizations and guide through the implementation process.
  2. Strengthen relations with the local, Arab and international community to further contribute to the University's vision and mission.
  3. Hold courses, programs, workshops, seminars and conferences that fall within the university’s goals and capacity.
  4. Manage new and current partnerships between AUM and other institutions regarding CSTC.

A Word from AUM President

CSTC is designed to contribute to AUM objectives for the pursuit of communities’ development. AUM-CSTC has educators who are engaged in pushing the boundaries of relevant knowledge and skills in their wide-ranging fields of endeavor. AUM-CSTC also recognizes that there is always more to know, so we are always open to new ideas, perspectives, innovations and possibilities. This requires all of us to work with integrity, enthusiasm, and humility.  


Training Courses:  

Due to the young age of the CSTC, during the years 2018-2021 a number of courses and workshops and consultations have been conducted. However, a huge set of them are being currently developed and will be announced duly.



AUM CSTC activities during 2018


Neuropharmacology course


Post marking

Managing Humanitarian Relief course

Credit Risk Measurement at Management in Banks course

Market Risk Measurement at Management in Banks course



AUM CSTC activities during 2019

Stress Management Skills in Crisis and Emergencies for Humanitarian Aid Workers course

Diabetes: Basic, Clinical Pharmacology and relationship with Major Depressive Disorder course

Animal Tissue Culture course

Advanced Animal Tissue Culture course

Pharmaceutical and consulting services course

Computer Course course

Library computing (Koha) system course

English course



AUM CSTC activities during 2020

Nutrition and sports course

PCR laboratory testing technology

Bio-risk management.

Pharmaceutical and consulting services

Online SON NIGHT Consultation



AUM CSTC activities during 2021

Drug therapy beyond Lifestyle. Is it cost-effective for metabolic Syndrome

American Safety & Health Institute CPR and AED for Adult/Child/Infant

Nutrition workshop



AUM Staff training courses during 2021

Excel first level Course

Excel advanced level Course

Writing work reports Course

Problem solving and decision making skills Course

leadership skills Course

Strategic Plan Course

Secretarial Course

CMA Course

English Course


Contact number:

For external calls, pilot number is 053294444 EXT: 2501

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.