Innovation Activities


I. Schools students: Schools visits, interact with students, creating research based teamwork and implementing young researcher projects and success stories.


مشاريع مدارس الملك عبد الله الثاني للتميز: 1

1. Clynostat Utilization:  


2. Natural and effective air purification technique: *Appendix 2


3.Nano technology application

4.Programmable Lego competitions


مشاريع مدارس الحصاد التربوي: 2: Activities with Al-hHasad Schools


II. University students: Projects, academia industries cooperation and success stories.


III. Researchers

• Research papers have been published by the committee members as follow: 

1. Husam Qutishat, Yaser Qudaih , Hassan megdadi and Dmitry Uglanov “Behavior of an Integrated EV Based on Renewable Energy Linked to the Distribution Grid: An Educational Tool” ACPEE, Japan, March 2018.


2. Ibrahim Moukhtar, Adel A. Elbaset, Adel Z. El Dein, Yaser Qudaih, Evgeny Blagin, Dmitry Uglanov, and Yasunori Mitani “Electric power regulation and modeling of a central tower receiver power plant based on artificial neural network technique” Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 10, 043706 (July, 2018).


3. Ibrahim Moukhtar, Adel A. Elbaset, Adel Z. El Dein, Yaser Qudaih, and Yasunori Mitani “Concentrated solar power plants impact on PV penetration level and grid flexibility under Egyptian climate” AIP Conference Proceedings 1968, 030037 (May, 2018).


4. G. Magdy, G. Shabib, Adel A. Elbaset, Yaser Qudaih, and Yasunori Mitani “A robust control strategy for mitigating renewable energy fluctuations in a real hybrid power system combined with SMES” AIP Conference Proceedings 1968, 020013 (2018).


5. Ghada Al Bandak "Eating Behaviors, Sociodemographics, Self-Perceived Health, and Weight Status Among Jordanian University Students, Journal of “Topic in Clinical Nutrition" in Press, December, 2018.



• AUM technically sponsored several international scientific events and conferences:



• Funded Research projects and finding partners:

• UNOOSA (Application submitted)



•Newton-AlKhaldi Association (Workshop attended and application submission in progress)

•Erasmus + (Workshop attended and application submission in progress)


IV. Community engagement:


• Student’s schools and families have been involved in the activities.

• Arranged 3 Meetings with HASH-TAT Association.

• Cycling day.


V. Ongoing projects:


Smart Guarding Drone. (With AUM students)

Balance Assistant Robot. (AUM student, graduation project )

Robots in Space ( Research)

Smart communities at deserts. (Research)

MS Disease/Prediction and Comparisons. (with Al-Hasad schools)

Optimization of Energy storage systems to support industries in Jordan ( External fund application)