Innovation Program



Sponsored by AUM, under the Patronage of AUM President, Professor Nabil Ayoub and running by AUM Center for Consultations, Studies and Training, the innovation program has been launched and the innovation committee has been formed. Since then, activities started to stimulate idea-creativity and build on existing knowledge in order to develop innovations, attract people around the idea and encourage them to find problems to solve instead of thinking about the idea itself, and to start real implementation.


Q & A


Who can attend or apply to the innovation programs?

- AUM Students at all levels are encouraged to participate.

- Students and individuals from outside AUM are welcome to participate with the coordination of their schools administrations without age limitation.


Are there any financial obligations?

There is no financial obligations neither on AUM nor on the participants.


Is there any other team eligible to the Innovation program?

Teams will be created based on the interest and objectives.


Are the reserved rights available on the Innovation Program?

All rights reserved upon individual agreements.