Dean’s Welcome


Welcome to the Faculty of Science at the American University of Madaba (AUM).

 The Faculty of Science is devoted to providing distinction in research and community service to encounter not only the national needs of Jordanians, but also to race internationally with other professional schools in term of the quality of teaching, students’ readiness, and outstanding research.

The Faculty of Science has two major departments, the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities and the Department of Biology and Biotechnology. On one hand, the Department of Basic Sciences covers the service courses such as Mathematics, Physics, Humanities, and Chemistry, which are required by different faculties at AUM. On the other hand, the Department of Biology and Biotechnology offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biotechnology. Further, it affords students with a skilled education in the multifaceted field of biology and biotechnology. Students preparing for futures in molecular biology and forensic, genetics, histology and microtechniques, tissue culture, genetic counseling, embryology, clinical cytogenetics, microbial biotechnology, plant biotechnology and ecology will have a foundational knowledge in biological and biotechnological sciences and also can explore their specific interests in upper-level coursework designed by you and directed by our experienced faculty by broadening access to information and consolidation already existing partnerships with local and international organizations.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories set our biology & biotechnology degree program apart from those at other universities. Our labs are equipped with professional grade scientific technology that is outfitted into nearly every course. The scientific labs which are equipped with Real-time PCR, PCR, Gel documentation system, CO2 incubator, Inverted microscope, Fully automatic rotary microtome, Automatic tissue processor, High-speed centrifuges, FT-IR, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, Bacterial shaker incubator, Plant growth chamber, Nanodrop microvolume Spectrophotometer,  CombiFlash chromatography, Microwave reactor, Rotary evaporators, and GC-MS, and ensures that our students will be trained to use these equipment and will graduate with not only theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills but also with the ability to practice science in the lab, field, or examination room.

Our team at the Faculty of Science has a high-level of distinguished research with the intense participation of our undergraduates. In 2020-2021 our team had published more than twenty peer-reviewed publications through funded research either from the AUM or the Scientific Research Support Fund.

Thank for your interest in the Faculty of Science looking forward to having you.


Prof. Wajdy Al-Awaida

Dean Faculty of Science