Accounting - Career Plan

Accounting is a crucial aspect of any business operation. By way of research and analysis, accountants compile and provide important financial information to different departments of a given business. Through the AUM Accounting program, students will learn how to most effectively carry out the invaluable finance-related duties of an accountant, as well as receive a broad-based, foundational education of related fields such as Finance and Risk Management, which will assist those who go on to pursue managerial positions. This program also gives students the chance to directly apply the knowledge and skills they are receiving in their classes by conducting field work. This real-life experience is incomparable when it comes to giving students a head start on their careers, and instills within them the work ethics, attitudes and behaviors they will need to excel. Our graduates work according to world-class International Accounting Standards, and open themselves up to career opportunities in various branches of accounting, management, analysis, auditing, etc.

The success stories of Ahmad Abu Ali and Afnan Abu Khalifa are perhaps sufficient to showcase the kind of accomplishments the Accounting students at AUM achieve after graduation. Ahamd graduated in 2017, and, after working for two years, started his own manufacturing business making protein bars. Afnan followed a different path, earning her Master’s degree before returning to work in her family’s business as a Chief Accountant; she uses what she learned at AUM to expand their business and increase its revenue.