Business Administration - Career Plan

Business Administrators are a pillar of any business. They manage and oversee all business functions, whether it deals with finance, marketing, sales, or labor. With a foot in every door, they are key players in helping a business achieve its goals and enact its missions. In the Business Administration program at AUM, we give students a chance to learn the inner-workings of this field and become effective and proactive managers. Through the program, students will acquire a deep understanding of all business functions and departments, as well as be able to implement the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. They will learn to conduct in-depth market research and become experts at interpreting and analyzing different kinds of data. The Business Administration program also focuses on developing the students’ written and verbal communication skills, which will allow them to produce high-quality reports, give presentations, discuss project plans, and lead teams. Over the years, AUM has become synonymous with high-quality business education, and our graduates are widely sought-after in the workplace. A degree in Business Administration from AUM opens career opportunities in supply-chain, project, and human resources management, as well as in banking, finance, and consultancy.