Risk Management - Career Plan

Risk Management is the logic, ethics, and even wisdom behind some of the most important decisions made in a given organization. People working within this field are responsible for predicting, assessing, and creating effective solutions to a wide variety of risks. Obstacles are an unavoidable reality for any organization, but Risk Managers are trained to navigate those obstacles and help organizations enact their functions as smoothly as possible.

Through the Risk Management program at AUM, students will be provided with an in-depth and all-inclusive education on the nature of risk. Here at AUM, we understand that risk is a multi-dimensional and layered concept, and so have designed the program so as to cover all types of organizational, financial, environmental, social, and insurance and enterprise related risk, providing our students with a full spectrum of knowledge. The program will equip students with the steadfast attitudes and effective risk management techniques they need to tackle contemporary problems in all sectors of business and society. Risk Management jobs are in high-demand in Jordan, and since AUM is the only university in the kingdom to offer such a degree, it is our qualified graduates that stand out among the rest and receive the best employment opportunities in the field. Our graduates open themselves up to careers in world-class organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization), the UN (United Nations), the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies), as well in business, government, technology, medicine, enterprise, and more.