Mechanical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering Department was established in 2011, aiming to provide students with asound mechanical engineering education (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) that enables them to assume a leadership role in promoting proper engineering practice in professional, ethical, environmental, sustainability and life-long learning frames, advance the understanding and application of mechanical engineering principles through partnership with local industry, and improve the quality of life of Jordanians through teaching, research and outreach programs.


To graduate highly-qualified mechanical engineers who are capable of facing current and future challenges.

To be distinguished in scientific and academic outcomes and values.

To provide a stimulating and rewarding research environment for our faculty and students alike


To provide students with the opportunity to engage in an enjoyable and supportive learning experience leading to a well-respecteddegree upon graduation.

To prepare students for careers in different fields of mechanical engineering, including general mechanical engineering, thermal power and energy and materials and manufacture.

To keep up with the latest developments of engineering technology for the academic staff and students, updating the department study plan accordingly.

To offer services to the local and regional communities.


  • Provide graduates with the required knowledge and skills to apply them to identify and solve mechanical engineering problems.
  • Expand and enhance students’abilities related to the responsibilities of the mechanical engineer towards the profession and society.
  • Develop the capacity of graduates to stay current with new developments of engineering technology.
  • Engage the graduates in advanced academic and research careers.
  • Embed an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities of mechanical engineers.
  • Enhance the ability of graduate engineers to function on multi-disciplinary teams and engage in life-long learning.


Department Laboratories

Lab Name Location Description
Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Labs’ Building A set of experiments are performed that cover the following: evaluating fluid properties, center of pressure in immersed bodies, flow measurements, drag forces, head loss in pipes, impulse turbine, and water jets.
Manufacturing lab Engineering Labs’ Building Students are asked to perform experiments in the field of material science and manufacturing process as production of ferrous materials, production of non-ferrous materials, sand casting, powder metallurgy, rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing, and metal cutting processes.
Measurements lab Engineering Labs’ Building In this lab a set of experiments is performed that covers the material in automatic control and in instrumentation and measurements including measurements of resistance, temperatures, operational amplifiers, strain gauges, linear variable differential transformer, level sensors, PID controller, temperature control, position and speed control.
Mechanics of materials lab SA-G03 A set of experiments are performed that cover the following: Tensile, Torsion, Compression, Bending shear, creep, fatigue, impact and hardness test.
Thermal and Heat transfer lab Engineering Labs’ Building A set of experiments is performed to cover heat transfer and thermodynamic subjects including: water boiling and condensation, thermal conductivity, natural convection, forced convection, calorific value, heat exchangers, heat pump and air coolers, radiation heat transfer.
Vibrations lab Engineering Labs’ Building A set of experiments is performed that cover the following: simple and compound pendulum, acceleration due to gravity, mass spring systems, torsional oscillations, free and damped vibration.


Mechanical Engineering Department Activities

  • Participation in specialized conferences in Austria, Germany and Spain
  • Active participation in the Technical Committee, Accreditation Unit, Jordan Accreditation System
  • Active participation in Technical Assessments and Technical Audits, Jordan Accreditation System
  • Membership in the organizing committees for a number of local Scientific Conferences
  • Membership in the organizing committees for the 9th and 10th National Technology Parades
  • Membership in the technical committee of the National/Arab Robotics Competitions


Study Plans
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