Medical Labs - Career Plan

Medical Labs are one of the most imperative aspects of medicine, for without it health care providers would not be able to properly diagnose patients – the most basic function of their job. At AUM, The Medical Laboratories program is designed to produce excellent medical laboratory technicians capable of providing crucial clinical information to a wide range of healthcare providers. Through the course, students will familiarize themselves with various laboratory techniques, procedures, and values that will allow them to not only properly test clinical samples, but also interpret and thoroughly analyze the results in an effort to extract valuable clinical information no matter the case study or medical laboratory field. They will be able to adequately communicate and discuss their findings in the form of presentations and scientific literature, as well exhibit self-critical attitudes that will allow them to find any points of weakness in their work and develop new and innovative methods of bettering research and data analysis. AUM Medical Labs graduates open themselves up to career opportunities in hospitals and different specialized medical centers, as well as in diagnostic, clinical, genetic, and forensic labs. They are also equipped to work in research, quality control, product and application specialties, education, and more.

Two of our recent Med Labs graduates – Zain Ghanameh and Lara Al-Samain – are pursuing higher education studies abroad in world-class universities. Zain is pursuing her Ph.D. in the University of Liverpool in the UK, and Lara is pursuing her MSc in Hungary. In addition, a handful of our graduates are now working in BioLabs and MedLabs, highly-esteemed and CAP accredited laboratories.