Department of Pharmacy


Name University of Final Degree Country Year of Graduation Academic Rank

Islam Mustafa Moh'd Hamad

Head of Department

Brighton University UK 2008 Associate Professor

Waleed Abdelhalim Yousef Zalloum

University of Manchester UK 2008 Assistant Professor

Amal Hussein Mohammad Mayyas

University of Jordan Jordan 2009 Assistant Professor

Nabil Bahjat Shukri Darwazeh

University of Kentucky USA 1995 Assistant Professor

Julia Faraj Farhan Hajjaj

University of Licester UK 2005 Instructor

Wadie Tewfic Abed Daoud

University of Nottingham UK 1983 Professor


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Facilities and Labs

Human Anatomy and Histology Lab

Human Physiology Lab

Automation and Research Lab

Microbiology Lab

Clinical Biochemistry Lab