Computer Science

Department of Computer Science


Name University of Final Degree Country Year of Graduation Academic Rank

Mohammad Jamil Mohammad Daoud

Head of Department

University Grenoble France 2010 Assistant Professor

Muhammed Jassem Almuhammed

Brigham Young University USA 2007 Assistant Professor

Nidal Ali Mahmud

University of Hull UK 2013 Assistant Professor

Ahmad Abdalla (Odetalla) Al-Daraiseh

University of Central Florida USA 2006 Associate Professor

Saif AlDeen Abdallah Mohammad Ali Madi

University of Tsukuba Japan 2018 Instructor




Study Plans

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Study Plan Version two

Study Plan Version three


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Facilities and Labs

Lab SA-G03: (20 PCs)

Lab SA-G11: (22 PCs)

Lab SA-F11: (20 PCs)

Research and & Innovation Lab: (10 PCs, 2 Data show, 2 colored printer, 5 Laptops)