Computer Science - Career Plan

Computer Science sits at the core of our technology-dependent world. It is the people in this field who are responsible for the development of the software we use in our daily lives, solving modern-day problems with modern-day solutions. The Computer Science program at AUM will walk students through all the technical skills they need in order to become modern-day problem solvers. Through the program, students will become familiar with the inner-workings of computers from organization and architecture, to different types of operating systems. They will become comfortable working with algorithmic concepts, determining their computability, efficiency and resource usage. They will also demonstrate understanding of various computer programming language concepts, and apply them to develop sophisticated software systems. AUM Computer Science graduates are equipped with outstanding practical skills that allow them to use contemporary tools and techniques to construct software that better lives in communities far and wide, and open themselves up to career opportunities in a diverse array of design and programming-based fields, as well as in administration, education, engineering, and hardware and software maintenance. They are team-players, excellent communicators, and are trained to work within a professional and ethical framework that highlights the awareness and deep understanding they possess of the societal impact their work can have in an ever-increasingly technologically dependent world.

Computer Science graduates from AUM have gone on to achieve incredible things. For instance, Sari Lakkas was top of his class in 2015 and is now also a top student in his master’s program in Canada; Anas Ibrahim, who was top of his class when he graduated in 2017, is now a project manager at 004 Intl. in Qatar; Yara Maomani, who graduated in 2016, is now working at Microsoft Jordan; Anas Al- Zghoul, who also began as a developer at Microsoft, is now a software engineer at Scholastic. These are just some of the success stories emerging from the Computer Science department, and we are confident that there are countless more to come.