AUM faculty and students complete Arbinger training course

In its continual belief in the professional development of its staff and students, The American University of Madaba nominated Dr. Hanan Madanat and two students, Jude Jamous (Risk Management major) and Spiro Khnouf (Business Administration major), to obtain the Arbinger Facilitator certification. The five-day long course took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States of America, from 14-18 August 2017.The purpose of the training is to deepen their ability to facilitate organizational change and development using Arbinger methodology after they get back to AUM.

AUM proudly announces that Dr.Madanat as well as Khnouf and Jamousare now certified Arbinger Institute facilitators.

Arbinger is an institute that provides training, consulting, coaching and implementation tools that move individuals, teams and organizations from the default self-focus in which they call an inward mindset to the results focus of an outward mindset.

By facilitating the development of the outward mindset, an organization would be able to directly reduce the massive human costs because the outward mindset creates an organizational culture that engages people and reduces friction. The results include lower employee turnover, seamless communication and decision-making.

The American University of Madaba plans to implement these tools with faculty members as well as some students.

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