American University of Madaba holds an Orientation Day for new students

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

AUM Campus | The American University of held an orientation day for in-coming students on Tuesday.

Prof. Nabil Ayoub, AUM President, welcomed the new students at the university auditorium where they were given welcome gifts. In his introductory remarks, Prof. Ayoub, pointed out some of the most important programs that distinguish AUM, such as the innovation and the study abroad programs.

New students and the attendees watched a short movie about the university, from its inception to the present day, summarizing the most important features and programs of the university, its diversity as well as its cultural richness, noting that AUM hosts students from 27 different countries.

New students were also welcomed by faculties' deans, who each gave a brief description of his/her faculty and its departments. The head of departments, along with the faculty's dean accompanied the new students, each according to their major, to the faculty to learn more about all matters related to their future studies, and to listen and answer all their inquiries.

This initiative is part of AUM's constant priority to communicate with its students in order to ensure that they are kept informed of all details related to their educational process in the next stage. It was also a good chance for those who have not visited the university before, to visit the campus and come to know and see the various faculties, departments and main sections such as the sports complex and the clinic.

The orientation day was also attended by AUM's newly appointed Vice President, Prof. Osamah Haddad, In addition to the faculties' deans and heads of departments as well as a number of academics and administrators and current students who served as ushers.

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