General Education Courses

General Education Program Learning Outcomes


Department of Basic Science & Humanities


The department of Basic Science and Humanities is a multidisciplinary unit that serves freshman students from different faculties. It broadens students’ knowledge, and technical skills, and promotes social awareness through general education and career-focused courses. The department provides strong education and learning environment, which enables the students to enter all areas of their profession upon graduation and to adapt to changes that may occur during professional life. Students will be conversant with a wide range of topics relating to the natural sciences, be able to communicate effectively, and appreciate the scientist's professional and social role. The faculty tries to foster a learning environment enhanced by faculty who encourage leadership, independence, self-respect, promotion of justice, and compassion in students. This is dependent on a sound scientific knowledge base, well-developed expertise, critical thinking capabilities, moral reasoning, and communication skills..

The American University of Madaba graduates will have the following Program learning outcomes (PLO’s):



PLO1: Rational and Practical Skills

Intellectual and communicative skills are needed to succeed in the academic environment and to address globally complex challenges. This includes written and oral communication skills and quantitative and qualitative reasoning for complex and refined arguments.

PLO2: Civic and Global Leadership

Recognize the diversity of different societies, locally and internationally, in terms of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and age, and demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained to lead, recognize, apply and establish effective and useful interactions in crisis.

PLO3: Knowledge of Human Cultures

Knowledge from humanities, environmental, social sciences, and arts to better understand life ecology.

PLO4: Understanding of the Physical and Natural World (STEM Skills)

Creativity, Knowledge, and skills learned from Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics) in order to develop an interdisciplinary, diverse, and applied approach to the natural environment and an understanding of scientific reasoning and integration latest technology.

General Education List of Competencies (LoC’s) which achieve General Education PLOs


A1. Understanding essential facts in related topics.
A2. Comprehend basic concepts in related fields and their applications.
A3. Introducing and relating principles and theories.
A4. Clarifying sciences and humanities terminology in related fields.

Practical Skills

B1. Enhance oral, written and communication skills.
B2. Applying creative and critical skills.
B3. Develop interpersonal skills.
B4. Use of a Learning Management System (LMS) in the learning process to create and deliver content and monitor student participation and assessment.

Thinking Skills

C1. Enhance computer skills to solve and apply theoretical concepts in real life.
C2. Recognize, analyze, and apply quantitative and qualitative concepts in real-life models.
C3. Understand scientific reasoning for different problems and concepts.

Other Skills

D1. Promote critical thinking in solving and applying problems and concepts.
D2. Intellectual and independent creativity in reasoning learning natural sciences topics.
D3. Recognize and apply effective and useful interaction in complex problems.


General Education Courses


  • Students are requested to check their study plans and advisors for the General Education Courses 



903381 Numerical Analysis (3 C.H.)
903281 Probability and Statistics (3 C.H.)
903182 Statistics for Business (3 C.H.)
903105 Mathematics and Biostatistics (3 C.H.)
903103 Mathematics for Business (3 C.H.)
903102 Calculus 2 (3 C.H.)
903101 Calculus 1 (3 C.H.)
900106 General Statistics(3 C.H.)
402213 Linear Algebra (3 C.H.)

900185 Astronomy (3 C.H.)
904108 General Physics 2 Lab (1 C.H.)
904107 General Physics 1 Lab (1 C.H.)
904102 General Physics 2- (3 C.H.)
904101 General Physics 1- (3 C.H.)

902113 Organic Chemistry Lab. for Life Sciences 1 (1 C.H.)
902112 Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences 1 (3 C.H.)
902111 Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences (3 C.H.)
902107 General Chemistry lab (1Cr.Hrs.)
902101 General Chemistry (3 C.H.)
304156 Analytical Chemistry Lab (1 C.H.)
304150 Analytical Chemistry (2 C.H.)

304253 Microbiology and Immunology (3 C.H.)
301241 Basic Microbiology Lab (1 C.H.)
301240 Basic Microbiology (3 C.H.)
301237 Biochemistry Lab (1 C.H.)
301232 (201341) Biochemistry (3 C.H.)
201101 General Biology 1 (3 C. H.)
201017 General Biology Lab (1 C.H.)
900116 Bio-Ethics (3 C.H.)

Information Technology
900190 Digital Culture (3 C.H.)
900180 Computer Skills (3 C.H.)
401121 Programing Fundamentals (3 C.H.)

900172 Development and Environment (3 C.H.)
900171 Science and Society (3 C.H.)
303111 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3 C.H.)


900201 Technical Writing and Documentation (3 C.H.)
900131 English Communication Skills (2) (3 C.H)
900130 English Communication Skills (1) (3 C.H)
900120 Arabic Communication Skills (3 C.H)
702201 Writing 2 (3 C.H)
702132 English for Business
702107 Paragraph and Essay Writing
702106 Writing 1 (3 C.H)
702105 Reading Comprehension (3 C.H)
702104 Study Skills (3 C.H)
702103 Listening and Speaking (3 C.H)
702006 Italian /European language (3 C.H)
702005 Italian /European language 1 (3 C.H)

Art and Design
900141 Appreciation of Music (3 C.H)
900140 Appreciation of Art (3 C.H)
609210 Design history and theory (3 C.H.)
609136 3D drawing and perspectives (3 C.H.)
609121 Design methods and creative thinking (3 C.H.)
609120 Drawing and Rendering techniques (3 C.H.)
608225 Digital Photography and Imaging (3 C.H.)
608220 Color theory and applications 1 (3 C.H.)
608211 Introduction and History of Visual Communication (3 C.H.)
608130 Free-hand drawing (3 C.H.)
608125 Introduction to computer graphics and illustration (3 C.H.)
606211 History of Architecture and Art(3 C.H.)
606131 Technical Drawing (3 C.H.)

Cultural Studies
900118 Cultural Development (3 C.H)
900113 Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication (3 C.H)
704101 Introduction to Mass communication (3 C.H)
703251 Culture and Globalization (3 C.H)

Social Sciences

900150 Introduction to Economics (3 C.H)
900133 Research Methodology (3 C.H)
900124 Human Rights (3 C.H)
900123 Leadership and social responsibility (1 C.H)
900122 Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1 C.H)
900117 Civic Awareness (3 C.H)
900115 Social Ethics (3 C.H)
900114 Civilization and Thought (3 C.H)
900111 Military Science (3 C.H)
506151 Fundamentals of Human resources Management (3 C.H)
505103 Macroeconomics (3 C.H.)
505102 Microeconomics (3 C.H.)
505101 Principles of Risk Management (3 C.H.)
504101 Principles of Marketing (3 C.H.)
503101 Principles of Finance (3 C.H.)
502101 Principles of Management (3 C.H.)
501101 Principles of Accounting (3 C.H.)