Mechanical Engineering - Career Plan

One of the oldest disciplines in the engineering field, Mechanical Engineering acts as one of the most crucial pillars of modern society. Through the Mechanical Engineering program at AUM, students will prepare themselves to contribute positively to this field and ultimately better the quality of life for local, regional, and global communities. By first acquiring a broad-based foundational education of sciences and mathematics, they will be able to gear their imaginations in the direction of innovative and practical design. A strong creative muscle is sometimes the most important quality of a successful mechanical engineer, and the learning environment at AUM supports and nurtures this. With guidance from their qualified instructors, students will learn to hone in their creativity and pair it with applicable and high-quality skills in order to design and develop ground-breaking solution to contemporary problems. A Mechanical Engineering degree from AUM gives way to various career opportunities in exciting fields such as aerospace, the automotive industry, nuclear engineering, and more.

The Mechanical Engineering department at AUM is actively participating in the Technical Committee, Accreditation Unit, Jordan Accreditation System, as well as in the Technical Assessments and Technical Audits, Jordan Accreditation System. It has also previously participated in a number of specialized conferences in Thailand, Austria, Germany and Spain, and holds membership in a number of organizing committees for scientific conferences and the National Technology Parades, and is on the technical committee of the National/Arab Robotics competition. Our graduates have gone on to pursue their MSc abroad, take up internships in multinational corporations such as Airbus, won awards, and have completed a research project that was funded by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and Scientific Research Department/King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB).