Add/Drop Period for the Fall Semester 2018/2019


Add/Drop Period for the Fall Semester 2018/2019


Please be informed that Add/Drop Period for the fall semester 2018/2019 will start on Thursday 4/10/2018 and end on Thursday 11/10/2018. The priorities will be given according to student seniority, as shown in the attached.

Kindly note that the beginning of classes for fall semester will start on Monday 15/10/2018.


  1. All students are requested to contact their academic advisors to approve their registered schedule.
  2. All Students are Requested to contact the Financial Dept. within (3) days after registration or add/drop process in order to avoid cancellation of registered courses.
  3. All students with cumulative grade average ( CGA ) below 63% are subject to the following :

subject to the following :

  • Not allowed register for more than 15 credit hours.
  • Must register for any failed courses ; and
  • Must abide with the course schedule constructed by the student's academic advisor.


Fall 2018-2019 Semester Add and Drop

Date / Time Schedule

Students Academic Level
Passed Credits Hours
Fifth + Fourth Year Students
More Than 99 Credits Passed Hours
Third Year Students   66 Credits or more and less than 99 Credits
Tuesday & Thursday
Second  + First Year Students  
Zero Credit or more and less than 66 Credits


Registrar General


Dr.Jamal Muaddil