Preservation of the Architectural Urban Heritage

Under the patronage of Professor Nabil Ayoub, President of the American University of Madaba (AUM), the Faculty of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA) hosted a workshop under the title “Preservation of the Architectural Urban Heritage in the Study Plans of Architectural Schools throughout Jordanian Universities” on 10 Jan 2019, The workshop was attended by Arch. Ahmad Al Zoabi, President of the JEA, H.E. Prof. Taleb Al Rifai, H.E. Prof. Kamel Mahadin, Landscape Design Instructor at AUM, Eng. Ahmad Seyam, President of the Architectural Section at JEA, Prof. Naif Haddad, Dean of Architecture at AUM, Arch. Marah Khayyat, Chairman of the Heritage Committee at JEA and workshop coordinator. In addition to multiple local distinguished academics, specialized practitioners and representative from multiple Jordanian Universities.