Life on Campus

The university campus is built as an environmentally friendly (green) campus utilizing renewable sources of energy for heating and cooling in all of its buildings including classrooms and laboratories. The campus is pedestrian-friendly with a surrounded ring road and a wide sidewalk giving nearly 2 kms of pleasant walking and/or cycling. The AUM campus is also designed and is fully compliant, indoors/outdoors, to address the needs of people with physical disabilities.

All students have a wide range of activities to choose from as part of their university requirements and extra-curricular activities. All students are required to choose at least beginner or intermediate level physical fitness courses and one beginner or intermediate level cultural or social development activity in addition to advanced level courses (physical or cultural/social) to be chosen by the student.

Physical Fitness Facilities: The campus has a fully equipped Sports Complex that includes several indoor sports halls (for physical fitness, aerobics, machines, squash, gymnastics, table tennis, and other types of sports and entertainment), in addition to an indoor swimming pool (heated and air conditioned) for training, equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Swimming is a university requirement for graduation. The indoor playground hall is equipped for basketball, handball, volleyball, football, tennis and badminton. The campus also has 8 outdoor playgrounds for various those sports.

Student Union for Cultural and Social Activities. The student union has an entire 2-story building with several halls where students can develop their cultural or social capabilities and talents or do research in areas other than their own specialization. The building has specialized halls for artwork, painting, music, computer laboratory, students’ clubs and associations, etc. Academic faculty are available to mentor students in areas of their interests that cover practically all fields of knowledge.

Students gain expertise in presentations and public address. At the end of each course, students are required to make presentations to their classmates about their course activities.

The above facilities are to be used by all university students throughout at least 4-5 semesters during their years of study at AUM. In addition to these facilities, AUM has prepared dormitories on campus that will be available for female students, initially, and will later prepare dormitories for males. University dormitories for female students provide single room occupancy and are fully furnished, equipped, and connected to all university facilities including heating and cooling (by geothermal renewable energy), Internet, IP telephones, lounges, study halls, laundry, kitchens, etc.