Deanship of Student Affairs

Message from the dean


Dear Students,

Dear AUMers,

On behalf of everyone at AUM, myself, and the team at the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA), I would like to welcome you all to the American University of Madaba, a place where you will receive world-class education, pursue your educational goals, and embark on a transformative learning experience.  Our responsibility at the DSA is to create a healthy, safe and inclusive campus that enables you to maximize your personal potential, enjoy your learning journey and ensure that your stay at AUM is a life-changing event. While academics are at the core of any education, we at the DSA believe that learning continues and is enriched beyond the boundaries of the conventional classroom, and we want your out-of-class experiences to be on par with the inspiring learning you receive in class.

To facilitate this, the DSA will strive to meet all of your needs as an AUMer. Whether you are a Jordanian national, or an international student, we will work hard to facilitate your integration into AUM via orientation, housing, and female student accommodation. We will support your physical and mental health via dedicated services, including sports events and activities, student advice and counseling and many others.  Our commitment to your success will also address your future careers, and we will provide you with the best career guidance and counselling services. We want you to learn, thrive and succeed. 

I urge you as the Dean of DSA to get involved, take care of your health, to show empathy, tolerance and respect, to give back to your community (volunteer), to share your time and talents with others on campus, and to cherish the experience of being an AUMer. We hope that you always keep in touch, and provide us with your innovate ideas and feedback.

We at the DSA are dedicated to helping you do all of this and more.  We are here for you if you encounter any challenges during your journey. We want you to try, enjoy and learn from the different experiences the AUM campus has to offer. We are certain that these experiences, will help you realize your full potential as responsible world citizens, and Jordan’s next generation of future leaders. 

I welcome you to AUM again, and wish you an exceptional AUM Experience.

GO AUMers!



Our Vision

The Deanship of Student Affairs aims at providing quality services and support for students, as well as assisting them to explore and develop their academic and personal capabilities.



We strive to enhance the quality of students’ lives outside the classroom in collaboration with the academic deanships and in line with the mission of AUM by providing services, activities and facilities that underpin academic success and promote diversity, tolerance and cultural-richness.


Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Develop and introduce extra-curricular programs and activities for students.
  2. Follow up on all students issues outside the classroom (non-academic matters).
  3. Guide the intellectual and moral development of students.
  4. Encourage desirable and constructive initiatives proposed by students.
  5. Foster the principles of social corporate responsibility and active citizenship among students.
  6. Preserve and reassure cultural qualities and sense of belonging between students.
  7. Organize student events, social gatherings and voluntary activities.
  8. Establish and maintain rigorous student disciplinary policy(s).
  9. Provide specialist counseling for specific student issues that require particular attention.
  10. Introduce specific disciplinary mechanisms for dealing with difficult/undisciplined students.



Bushra k. Mahadin, PhD

Acting Dean of Student Affairs