Deanship of Student Affairs

Message from the dean

Welcome to the Deanship of Student Affairs. Our main goal is to guide the intellectual and moral development of students, as well as following up on all student issues outside the classroom.As a Dean of Student Affairs, I would like to congratulate you first for choosing AUM and for being with us.Our people at the Deanship of Student Affairs are always keen to listen to you and provide you with the best services and advice that will help you maintain quality life on campus until graduation.We also work closely with our students in order to become active members in society.

I wish you all the best and success in your studies and hope you always keep in touch.


Our Vision

The Deanship of Student Affairs aims at providing quality services and support for students, as well as assisting them to explore and develop their academic and personal capabilities.



We strive to enhance the quality of students’ lives outside the classroom in collaboration with the academic deanships and in line with the mission of AUM by providing services, activities and facilities that underpin academic success and promote diversity, tolerance and cultural-richness.




Dr. Ihab H. Sawalha

Acting Dean of Student Affairs