Medical Center

The Medical Center comprises a number of clinics equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments, and supervised by a medical team. It provides good medical services to students, faculty, and staff, who are covered by medical insurance. The clinic is equipped with an ambulance for emergencies.

  • LOCATION: The ground floor in the Faculty of Business and Finance Building A at the western end. Building A is on the southern side of the University.
  • Standard medical services provided to students include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • AMBULANCE: In any case of emergency where hospital care is needed, patients are transferred to the nearest hospital by the ambulance with the accompaniment of a nurse.
  • LABORATORY: Our laboratory provides all the basic and necessary tests, such as complete blood count, and full chemistry tests including liver function test, kidney function test, and routine tests, which are performed by lab supervisors who can give the needed advice and explanations concerning the results.
  • PHARMACY: AUM pharmacy is a major service. The pharmacy is located inside the Health Center, and is staffed by a licensed pharmacist who is available during the working hours of the University.
  • STUDENT MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN: All students are encouraged to maintain health insurance plans while enrolled at the University. Students should be aware of their health insurance plan and the scope of coverage. Students have various benefits related to the insurance company. They should check with the clinic when they have certain medical cases and the clinic transfers the case to the hospital to make sure they get the required treatment which is covered with certain percentage by the insurance company.

 EMERGENCY CONTACT:  Tel. 053294444 Ext: 1800