Operations Department (OD)

The Operations Department (OD) is committed to providing distinguished services to AUM students and staff so that the students are fully satisfied. Accordingly, the opinions and remarks of the students which we receive through the phone or which are directly reported to OD and the transportation section contribute to the performance of OD so that the service is continuously upgraded tothe students’ satisfaction and to respond to their needs.

OD Sections

1. Security:

Duties include:

  • Providing a secure and safe AUM environment
  • Maintaining the security of AUM’s students, faculty and staff
  • Preserving the environment in compliance with public safety requirements
  • Protecting the properties of students, faculty and staff against theft, damage, or loss
  • Determining the preventive inspection equipment for persons and vehicles
  • Guarding the AUM main entrance and the student entrance, and organizing and inspecting the incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Organizing the entry of visitors and assisting them in reaching the places they wish to visit
  • Organizing the visiting system through coordination with OD and recording the visitors' information in the visiting record
  • Providing night guarding for all the facilities on campus, such as the main entrance, sport complex, storehouses, engineering workshops, and all other premises of AUM
  • Organizing the traffic and parking inside the university
  • Organizing the entry of vehicles with permits into AUM campus and entering that information into the records of visitors and their vehicles
  • Organizing traffic inside and around AUM and assisting students to park their vehicles appropriately, and not allowing vehicles to enter the AUM campus without a permit, and activating the camera control system

2. Transportation:

The transportation service for AUM students covers all the areas in Amman and Madaba and is divided into several scheduled rounds.

Please refer to the AUM website for more information about transportation schedules: http://aum.edu.jo/main/students/transportation

3, Housekeeping:

An important task of the ODis to maintain all areas, including lecture rooms,offices, labs and public areas, and keep them clean and well organized, as well as keeping all the AUM environment at highly desirable ambience.

4. Agriculture services:

One of the most important goals that we are achieving at the American University of Madaba is to create a clean and green environment. Since its beginnings, AUM has planted several types of trees and plants in order to transform the desert nature of the area into a green oasis, and the campus into a healthy one.


Food & Beverage Services (Catering)

AUM canteens and the main restaurant ensure that the campus food services provide a wide range of exceptional, affordable, homemade and nutritious food options to its students, faculty and staff through excellent services.

In addition to valuing AUM students, faculty, staff and guests, Food & Beverage Services ensures that equipment and furniture are well-designed and kept well-maintained.

The catering personnel are responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of food and beverage services on campus, taking into consideration adherence to food quality standards, staff, faculty and student’s satisfaction, and monitoring prices and menu.

Our chef uses the freshest ingredients and personal attention to ensure that each meal not only tastes delicious, but also has a beautiful presentation, and that the catering menu is an excellent representation of what is most popular.

Department of Sports and Physical Activities

This department aims to promote sport activities on campus with an attempt to contribute to the upbringing of young people, following the proverb “a sound mind in a sound body”, to make them aware of the importance of fair play, self-improvement and sport achievements. The department aims to have a sophisticated quality of participation in sport competitions, and to give the opportunity for talented students to obtain a high quality education and training by providing all facilities and possibilities. These are put at the disposal of students at all times.

The Department of Sports and Physical Activities is primarily concerned with the well-being of students, physically and mentally, by graduating health and sport conscious students, provided with physical education appropriate for them. This will help them to gain the motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities and to acquire physical knowledge and self-motives for a healthy lifestyle in a rapidly changing society. The department aims to educate, develop and train student–athletes, build leadership qualities and attributes of teamwork, and instill the concept of winning inside and outside the field of play.

The goals of this department include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To encourage students to spend their free time in doing simple physical and mental activities by coordinating with the student affairs to send emails and putting up posters in the university about the department and its facilities.
  2. To provide specialized training programs like swimming programs and strengthening programs for students under the supervision of certified professional athlete trainers that hold a master and bachelor’s degree
  3. To welcome students who wish to use the facilities at the sports complex in their free time
  4. To form sport teams
  5. To activate the relationship between the university and the local community
  6. To coordinate with the designated Faculty regarding the syllabi of Sports 1, 2, and 3 courses offered as university requirements
  7. To raise awareness of sports culture among students by giving health and sport culture awareness classes within the Sport 1, 2 and 3 courses
  8. To care for and attend to talented students’ needs and work to improve their technical and skill levels.

Services provided to students and administrators:

  1. The Department of Sports and Physical Activities provides the following services:
  2. Providing a learning environment for Sports 1, 2, and 3 courses
  3. Supervising students who come to the sports complex for exercise through giving them training programs for both groups of students and individuals
  4. Training sport teams, basketball and football by AUM coaches (Those teams are selected by our coaches in trial sessions.)
  5. Offering special training programs to meet the individual needs of the athlete and take into consideration many factors: gender, age… as a program for general fitness for groups or individuals, and courses in the coming future about nutrition and swimming for administrators, including the use of the Sport Complex facilities
  6. Physical therapy and sport rehabilitation services to our students as needed.