What you probably wonder about Koodo Reader?

How was Koodo Reader born?

Koodo Reader was born in 2020 spring during the pandemic, which starts as a personal demo project,and gradually become more powerful with more feature requested from the whole dev community

How sync works

Sync only works with desktop version, you need to change your storage path to the path of your drive folder, and turn on sync function in the setting, Everytime you launch Koodo Reader, data from your drive folder will be automatically loaded to Koodo Reader

Software crashed when the imported book is too large

if the chapter-analysing algorithm fails to detect the chapter title in your book, the text in a single chapter could be very large, causing crash when you open the book

How Backup and Restore work

Koodo Reader will package all your data including your books and other personal data into a zip file named with the date, and upload to your drive, for Dropbox, data stores in /Apps/KoodoReader, for Webdav, data stores in /KoodoReader