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AUM is a unique university in Madaba, Jordan that draws from Christian roots, Jordanian culture and an American-style educational system. It was established with the intention of capitalizing on this uniqueness to make a difference in higher education at both the national and regional levels. This powerful education system and rich cultural mixture produce improved employment opportunities, a stronger Jordanian community, and graduates who can be leaders with unique perspectives and capabilities. The harmonious AUM community features a diversity of students with 27 different nationalities, a faculty with high qualifications, and a campus atmosphere of creativity and understanding that leads to graduates who can be "ambassadors for peace.

AUM-LC has two main language emphasis areas – ENGLISH and ARABIC – plus a few OTHER language areas that are available upon demand. We prepare AUM students to be proficient in the English language so that their academic program is enhanced. (AUM is a university in which instruction is given in English). Our English language program also enables students to live, work, study and research in many countries where English is either the native language or, as is true in much of the world today, is the language of science, technology and inter-country communication.

AUM-LC also offers students the opportunity to learn Arabic in an environment that allows students to experience first-hand the rich cultural context within which Arabic functions and to form valuable contacts and friendships. Jordan is known for its hospitality toward international students and that characteristic is evident in the environment that surrounds and infuses AUM-LC.

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