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English proficiency is essential for all AUM students to succeed in their studies and in order to compete in today's global market place. Whether you want to learn English for pleasure, work, travel or study for an exam, we offer a wide range of English courses tailored and designed to meet your needs. We believe that quality language education should be accessible to everyone in society.

* High Beginner English: The course integrates instruction in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This course is designed for students who want to develop skills they will need in undergraduate programs in the university.

* Intermediate and High Intermediate English: These courses prepare students for the English language skills that are required for university study in an English-speaking environment -- listening to lectures, writing essays and papers, and orally presenting ideas to a group.

* Advanced and High Advanced English: Students are challenged to understand and integrate information from multiple sources, to construct written arguments based on information sources, and to analyze complex readings and lecture.

* English Communication Skills: This course is meant to be both remedial and preparatory. It is remedial in the sense that it represents a rapid review of those language functions and structures that are essential for successful communication in both speech and writing.

* English Language and Custom-designed Courses: These include several on-demand and individual courses, on-site job-related training for diplomats, corporate businesses, group studies and employees at organizations.

* Corporate Courses: We offer a range of custom-made courses to help foreign embassies, businesses, educational agencies and organizations develop and enhance their employees' English or Arabic language skills and abilities.



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