Study Abroad Arabic Language Program


Are you are looking for a challenging and rewarding Arabic language study program? Are you interested in exploring off the beaten path? Attend the American University of Madaba’s Summer / Fall / Spring Language Program to explore the Arabic language, delve into a new culture and discover yourself in the process.

The American University of Madaba (AUM) offers an intensive, immersive Arabic language experience. The program focuses on guiding students to fluency while exposing them to the culture in which the language was created. With a bilingual campus, an American-style teaching system and a strong commitment to excellence, AUM is a dynamic presence in the region. During the AUM Arabic Language Program, students enjoy full use of the AUM facilities including campus-wide free Wi-Fi, a comprehensive sports center and distinctive dining options.

AUM combines high-level instruction with diverse linguistic and cultural offerings. Language courses focus on Modern Standard Arabic and the program provides students with many opportunities to practice. From chatting with local students in the café, navigating the marketplace in historic Madaba, to exploring incredible archaeological sites, students are immersed in the culture and language, constantly honing their newly gained skills and knowledge.

Through a variety of cultural activities and excursions, the AUM Arabic Language Program will give you greater insight into the Middle East and the Jordanian way of life. You will see breathtaking natural beauty unlike any other in the world, visit many historical and Biblical sites, and experience both traditional and modern Arabic culture — all in the company of friends and supervisors from AUM.

To study abroad at AUM is to do more than learn, it is to live. So, come to the American University of Madaba and expand your world.